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Loan Modification Workbook: Secrets To Get Approved Fast

Getting a Loan Modification To Save Your Home or Rental Property DOES NOT Have To Be a Hell-ish Experience Nor an Expensive One – with the Right Help

You may have already read some of the news articles I’ve posted on what homeowners are going through at the hands of their greedy, inept and overwhelmed lenders to obtain a loan modification:

  • Scammed for thousands of dollars by unscrupulous loan mod companies and attorneys
  • The Stall Tactics:

- Months of being in limbo waiting to hear if you are approved or not
- Forced to play the “resend the documents game” over and over again
- Your voice mails are lost in space and go unanswered

  • Rejection:

- Getting rejected for a loan modification without any straight answers as to why
- Getting rejected for a permanent loan modification after being in a trial modification program for months

  • Bad Terms – Your loan modification package was approved but the new loan modification terms are still unaffordable
  • Surprise Sale! – Your home has been sold out from under you without notice…even though your loan modification request was approved

DIY Loan Modification Secrets To Get Approved – and Fast

You can avoid loan modification hell experiences such as the ones mentioned above with up-to-date, effective strategies to get your loan modification package approved faster than you ever thought possible.

The best recommendation I can make is to learn these strategies from someone who has successfully gone through the process already – multiple times.

Mike Rockwood has modified five of his own loans, including his personal residence and investment property.

Listen To Mike’s personal story in the video

On his personal residence he modified his mortgage down to 5.125% fixed, got rid of nearly $200,000 in loan expense and lowered his monthly payment by $686.

Next, Mike modified his four rental properties and reduced his loan expenses by almost $500,000.

His loans included 2nd mortgages, too.

He got loan modifications from IndyMac, Wells Fargo, and Litton – and you know these lenders have some of the worst reputations for putting homeowners through loan modification hell.

He has created a top-notch loan modification workbook to show you how to prepare and package a loan modification application correctly to make it easier for the loan servicing company to review and approve your request with the best terms on your loan modification – without having to hire an expensive lawyer or loan modification company and without having to waste days on the phone with your lender.

All types of loans are being approved for modifications including:

• Negative Amortization Loans
• Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS)
• Fixed Rate Loans
• 1st, 2nd and even 3rd mortgages
• Investment, vacation, and rental properties

Take advantage of the street-smarts Mike has honed to fight back and overcome the stall tactics and other tricks lenders and loan servicers are using on naïve homeowners trying desperately to save their home from foreclosure with a loan modification they can afford.

Click here for more details on Mike’s loan modification workbook and get started today.
You’ll be so happy you did.

Best wishes in your efforts to save your home,

I have a special report for you called Your Blueprint To Avoid Loan Modification Hell. It’s full of strategies and tools to help you get approved for your loan modification – or even better – no mortgage at all. Click on the banner below for all the details.
free report to avoid loan modification hell

4 Responses to Loan Modification Workbook: Secrets To Get Approved Fast

  1. Al Ugo on 13/06/2010 at 22:24

    What if property is sold by the lender while under loan mod/ Can I still recover my home?

  2. stephen e. aldrich on 26/06/2010 at 15:47

    i made 2 trial pay ments and then received a letter from the i was not quilified ! wellsfargo

  3. R Hemingway on 20/07/2010 at 15:59

    I went through 10 months of loan modifications with Saxon Mortgage. They cancelled me after failing to process my direct bank withdraw 2 times. They also tried to tell me that I did not make the correct payments, ewven though I got an official letter in the mail telling me what my payment was, and confirming it month after month with Saxon sales reps.

  4. A. Brown on 29/10/2010 at 07:57

    My brother and his wife made a large initial payment towards their trial modification. Wells Fargo claimed that they never received it. Their home went up for sale. The day of the sale, the mortgage company suddenly found the missing payment. They admitted that it was applied to another customers account. They agreed to resind the sale, but did not. Now my family is being threatend by a broker to vacate the property. Oh, by the way, the payment for last month is still sitting in their account. Wells Fargo is refused to accept any more payments from them. Something MUST be done!

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