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All Tools: Loan Modification | Stop Foreclosure

This page includes all the ‘TOOLS’ discussed in my Special Report: Your Blueprint To Avoid Loan Modification HELL

Quick Links To Tools: A to Z

Section 1 Tool: How to stop foreclosure in a hurry

Stop Foreclosure Sale In 1-Day – DIY Kit

CLICK HERE for all the details on how to stop foreclosure in 1-day and to order now
This strategy is guaranteed to work in one day. Use it if you are stuck in loan modification or short sale limbo; if you cannot qualify for a loan modification or are unemployed and you need more time (up to several months is possible) to work out a solution.

These strategy will help you get effective leverage to overcome the stall tactics, long delays, wrong answers, incompetent employees and rejection of your trial or permanent loan modification, short sale package, request for forbearance or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.

The little known technique will work in every state. Just follow the step-by-step guide using all the included forms. Your satisfaction is guaranteed for 60 days or your money back.

Section 2 Tool: Your 3 ‘weapons’ to fight for your rights and remedies

Securitization Audit

CLICK HERE for all the details on using a securitization audit, aka, mortgage audit, as your ULTIMATE WEAPON
A securitization audit will document all the bank fraud committed by your ‘pretender lenders’/loan servicer.

Section 3 Tools: How to use your weapons in your battle plan

1. How To Correctly Package Your Loan Modification – DIY Kit

CLICK HERE for all the details on packaging your loan modification application from the author and expert

Here’s a little preview of getting secret strategies to get approved fast and overcome stall tactics

You can avoid going through loan modification hell with up-to-date, effective strategies to get your loan modification package approved faster than you ever thought possible.

The best recommendation I can make is to learn these strategies step-by-step from someone who has successfully gone through the process already – multiple times.

Mike Rockwood has modified five of his own loans, including his personal residence and investment property.

Listen To Mike’s personal story in the video

If getting a loan modification is an option for you, you stand a better chance of getting approved by your lender if you apply yourself and not through a loan modification company or attorney. It is a little-known fact that banks and loan servicers hate working with these third parties. On top of that, you’ll avoid the experience of so many homeowners who are getting ripped off by loan modification scams and even negligent attorneys.

2. Short Sale Hardship Letter That Works

CLICK HERE for all the details on writing an effective short sale hardship letter from the author and expert

The quality of your short sale hardship letter to the lender will determine if your request is granted or denied. Many homeowners have had great success in getting their short sale request approved with the help of this workbook.

3. Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13 Strategies

CLICK HERE for all the details on effective bankruptcy strategies from the author and expert

Filing for bankruptcy will temporarily suspend the foreclosure proceedings. This can buy you some time to negotiate with your lender a loan modification or short sale.

If you feel that bankruptcy protection is your only option, review this workbook on getting the maximum benefits under Chapter 7 and 13 written by a bankruptcy attorney with 25 years of experience who has helped 5,000 clients.

Section 4 Tools: Use cheap, but very good, legal help

1. Self Help Instruction on How To Win a Lawsuit in Court Representing Yourself, ie, PRO SE

CLICK HERE for all the details winning your lawsuit yourself and to order the CD set of instructions

This course has been created by an attorney with 24 years of case-winning experience. He will quickly and easily teach you what it takes to win every kind of court battle – representing yourself, aka, PRO SE.

If you cannot afford a lawyer or don’t want to spend the money on unnecessary legal fees, this step-by-step ‘how to’ course on CD is what you need to bring you up to speed.

Learn the rules of evidence and procedural tactics to overcome the ‘sneak attorney’ you are facing – even a biased judge. Learn how to use the forms and simple tactics to win your lawsuit whether you are a plaintiff or defendant.

2. Stop Foreclosure Legal Forms

CLICK HERE for all the details on using ready-made legal forms to stop foreclosure in your state

You do not have to pay an expensive attorney for legally written letters or forms you must use in a civil action to stop your foreclosure. All the forms you need have been pre-written and customized for your state.

If you plan on representing yourself against your lender or loan servicer using the ’3 weapons of attack’ I explain in the special report, you will need the types of forms available through this service.

3. Low-Cost Legal Services

CLICK HERE for all the details on getting low-cost legal help from experienced law firms and attorneys in your state and to enroll now

As you fight to keep your home from foreclosure using the ‘battle plan’ I have shared with you in the special report, you will undoubtedly have legal questions.

Instead of retaining an attorney and paying out several hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars, you can get all your questions answered, have documents reviewed and much more for a small monthly membership fee for legal services from reputable, pre-screened, law offices who have attorneys in all specialized fields of law at your disposal.

Section 5 Tools: Restore your good credit and eliminate your other debts

1. Restore Your Credit and Raise Your FICO Score

CLICK HERE to watch an important video on restoring your credit and to order the software

Your credit has likely already taken some hits and even big blows, especially with mortgage lates, a foreclosure notice, charge-offs and the like.

You can legally get derogatory items (even the items that really do belong to you) permanently removed from your credit profile. Your choice is to either hire one of many credit repair companies or do it yourself.

I recommend the DIY route – and here’s why – You’ll avoid wasting your hard-earned money and precious time.

Credit repair companies and law firms charge you $39 to $99 just to set up your account, then another $79 to $99 per month. That’s over $1k a year. Many people pay this kind of money for years with minimal results.

In my research, I learned alot about how the credit bureaus, banks and other creditors work – their “sneaky system” that stacks the deck against you from the get-go. You may be surprised to know that the credit bureaus don’t work for you, the consumer. The truth is the credit bureaus work for the lenders and your other creditors – not for you.

Watch the video by CLICKING HERE for more details on how the credit reporting system works and how to beat them at their game to restore your credit.

2. Fast Debt Elimination DIY Program

CLICK HERE for all the details on getting rid of your debts without bankruptcy or a consolidation loan from the author and expert

I highly recommend the Get Out of Debt Bible DIY workbook I found in my research. It will walk you through the process of getting rid of your credit card and other unsecured debts step-by-step.

You don’t need to hire anyone and waste your money. All the forms, letters, trouble-shooting tips will be at your fingertips in this comprehensive guide.

3. Create a Budget Software

CLICK HERE for all the details a software program that easily creates a budget

To get out of debt and stay out of debt, you must maintain a personal budget. You need to keep on top of the money that comes in and that goes out. An easy-to-use budget software program will keep you on track. The one I recommend has rave reviews from users. Check it out.

4. Medical Bill Negotiation Strategies

CLICK HERE for all the detail on medical bill negotiation strategies

If medical bills are among the debts you owe, I have found a workbook that coaches you on how to negotiate the cost of your bills with doctors, the hospital and other medical services so you can avoid bankruptcy.

5. Win a Debt Collection Lawsuit

CLICK HERE for all the details on easily winning a credit collection lawsuit
If a credit collection lawsuit is filed against you, don’t panic. This handbook shows you how to beat a debt collection lawsuit. It has all the legal forms and documents you need prepared by a 26-year veteran attorney in the field. So you don’t need to hire an expensive attorney.

6. Rapid Mortgage Payoff Method

CLICK HERE for all the details on how to rapidly payoff your mortgage

If you still have a mortgage to payoff after using the 3 weapons of your ‘battle plan’, you should still pay it off ASAP. Forget about the tax deduction – focus on being DEBT FREE.

This ‘how to’ guide will teach you amazingly easy and yet advanced methods to rapidly pay off your mortgage in record time without restricting your everyday spending. Check it out.

7. Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13 Strategies

CLICK HERE for all the details on maximizing your benefits when filing for bankruptcy from the author and expert

If you decide to move forward with filing for bankruptcy protection, take a look at this workbook to help you maximize the benefits of bankruptcy protection.

Yes, you may choose to use a bankruptcy attorney for the process and hopefully you will do your due diligence to make sure he/she knows what they are doing.

But my adage is “Never give your power away.” The worse way people give their power away is to be uninformed and uneducated.

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