Success stories of homeowners using the laws to keep their home

foreclosure cases dismissed by U.S. courts

Join the growing number of homeowners who are successfully fighting back to keep their home

Millions of homeowners across the U.S. have been struggling (many for several months) with their mortgage lender to get approved for a loan modification.

They have been put through LOAN MODIFICATION HELL!

The government program, known as HAMP, to help homeowners obtain a loan modification – while well-intentioned – has been a miserable failure.

A growing number of homeowners have decided to no longer be victims – at the mercy of their lender – hoping, begging and praying for a loan modification to keep their home from foreclosure.

Homeowners legally turn-the-tables on their lender

These homeowners have discovered the truth about the bank fraud and deceit committed against them and they have successfully used established law and the courts to achieve fantastic outcomes, namely:

  • Bypass the loan modification process altogether
  • Prove to the court their ‘pretender lender’ has no legal standing to collect money, negotiate any agreements or foreclosure on their home
  • Stop foreclosure
  • Wipe out their mortgage completely
  • Get monetary damages

‘Must Read’ blog section devoted to Success Stories to give you hope and encouragement to fight, too

Read fighting foreclosure success stories that are in the news of homeowners achieving the outcomes mentioned above.

Attorney Says Homeowners Can Win
Watch highlights of a foreclosure defense seminar conducted by this seasoned attorney. He says there are challenges to fighting PRETENDER LENDERS, but homeowners can win the fightkeep their home and wipe out their mortgage. So please don’t give up.

Turn your feelings of stress, discouragement, skepticism and defeat into feelings of hope, encouragement and confidence that you can fight and win, too, using the strategies and tools recommended in my free report and the Tools To Fight Your Lender Section.

Don’t give up. You can fight and win.

Be sure to check back often to read about new ‘Homeowner Victories.’

Gail Simmons and family

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  1. john
    2012/10/19 at 23:53

    the links that are part of your pdf file does not work. can you fix the link and send me an email

  2. Tammy
    2013/01/20 at 20:11

    Gail would love to talk with you personaly about my situation with my mortgage company. I have been dealing with them for 5 years soon to be 6 it has been what i would call a total nightmare. Its not my nature to give up but i am at my wits end. These people claim they dont want your home but there actions tell otherwise. Your advice would be (greatly appreciated).

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