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From our Q&A Category we are growing this page resource for the most frequently asked questions about getting a loan modification. Also, click on the tags in the dark blue box above for articles on that topic.

The strategies discussed in these Q&As will help you overcome the stall tactics, long delays, wrong answers, incompetent employees and rejection of your trial or permanent loan modification.

Loan Modification Video Q&A Coaching Series

Loan modification expert, Mike Rockwood, and author of the loan modification workbook I recommend, answers questions from borrowers fighting to get their loan modification approved. His strategies are current and they work.

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VIDEO # How do I use a Qualified Written Request?

VIDEO # What should I do after sending my loan modification application to the loan servicer?

VIDEO # How to negotiate over the phone effectively using these 9 tips

VIDEO # Q: What to do when the bank is not returning your phone calls

VIDEO # Rejected loan modification: Use these strategies to fight for approval

VIDEO # Can I get a loan modification even if all my mortgage payments are current?

VIDEO # How can I get rid of my second lien to qualify for a Hamp loan modification?

VIDEO # How can I find out why Bank of America rejected my loan modification application?

VIDEO # How to complain and motivate effectively to get action

# Q: Should I hire a loan modification attorney to help me?

# Q: How do loan modifications work?

# Q: How does the trial loan modification work?

# Q: Why banks reject loan modification applications and counter strategies

# Q: Are banks approving loan modification packages for borrowers that are not in default, ie, they are still making their house payment?

# Q: How does the Home Affordable Modification Program, aka HAMP, work and how do I find out if my loan is a FannieMae or FreddieMac-insured loan?

# Q: What’s the latest news on getting a HAMP trial loan modification?

# Q: How does the trial loan modification program work? Read the answers to 10 FAQs for details

# Q: What should I include in my hardship letter for a loan modification?

# Q: How can a bankruptcy cramdown help me get a loan modification?

# Many homeowners don’t realize that entering a trial mortgage modification can actually hurt their credit

# Q: How does the Net Present Value (NPV) of my home affect my chances of getting a loan modification?

# Q: How can I get rid of my second lien to qualify for a HAMP loan modification?

# Mortgage Audits: Not as successful a strategy as you may think

Before completing and sending in a loan modification package, you may want to obtain some coaching to combat the stall tactics banks/servicers are using to cut to the front of the line of other applications and get approved faster

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