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Federal Reserve gave billions in secret loans to same big banks that deny and cancel loan modifications

The $700 billion Wall Street ‘public’ bailout was chump-change compared to multi-trillion-dollars the Federal Reserve doled out in secret to big banks and corporations. Thanks to an amendment U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont was able to include in the Wall Street reform bill passed last year, the American people are beginning to discover...
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Homeowners left stranded by government’s HAMP

A year and a half after the Obama administration unveiled a sweeping rescue plan for homeowners, surprisingly few have been rescued. The $275 billion “Making Home Affordable” program had the potential to reach up to 9 million troubled homeowners, according to initial estimates. Instead, paperwork delays, confusion over eligibility requirements and hesitance of banks...
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Bank of America loan modifications has worst track record

Bank of America brags it has completed nearly 700,000 permanent modifications including more than 85,000 under the government’s HAMP program — the most of any servicer. However, that number is misleading when compared to the performance of the other biggest loan serviers. As of the Treasury Department’s most recent report on servicer performance under...
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Forcing banks to approve loan modification may be unexpected blessing from robo-signing foreclosure document scandal

Force banks to negotiate loan modification approval using scandals of robo-signing foreclosure documents and questionable legal ownership of mortgage note. Learn what to do next.
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Loan modification 9 negotiating tips

Loan modification 9 negotiating tips

To fight for your loan modification approval you need good negotiating skills Negotiating over the phone – especially with a huge corporation – is completely new to borrowers. Every time you pick up the phone you are talking with someone different from the customer service reps, to the loss mitigation officer and the assigned...
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