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Gail Simmons here. Please listen to this important message I have for you. Then fill out the form so I can send you a copy of the free report, Blueprint To Avoid Loan Modification Hell.

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I’m Gail Simmons with my husband Hank and our children. We were at the brink of losing our home because our house payment became unaffordable when the loan reset. Plus Hank had to find another job at a lower salary.

We wanted to keep our home that we’ve spent the last 12 years enjoying so we didn’t want to sell. Besides property values came down so much we couldn’t payoff the loan in full.

My husband I decided to contact our lender to request a loan modification. We had heard so many horror stories on the news and from friends about loan modification scams and how difficult it was to get the lenders to respond. Quite frankly, it seemed the cards were stacked against us.

Hank and I decided to create this blog as a resource to other homeowners wanting to modify their home loan in the shortest amount of time and without getting taken for thousands of dollars by scammers.

The resources you will find here include:

  • Latest news on loan modification trends
  • Best practices in dealing with specific banks and loan servicers
  • Avoiding scams including the latest news on state laws
  • Q&As on loan modification procedures, consumer rights and related
  • Loan modification strategies and tools to do it yourself – you are your best advocate, not some loan mod company or attorney

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If you have any queries, please contact me using the form below.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this website/blog is not legal advise. This is purely for educational purposes. You are to seek legal council in all legal matters.

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