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Utah couple fights foreclosure and wins

Utah couple in their 70′s successfully fought their bank to keep their home using the laws and the courts

This homeowner verified their mortgage loan was securitized, ie, turned into an investment security by Wall Street. So no ‘creditor’ could prove true ownership of the deed. This mortgage ‘loophole’ was the key to keeping their home.

Watch the news story for details.

How to use the laws and the courts to fight your lender in your state

massachusetts supreme court foreclosure decision Don’t let your ‘pretender lender’ get away with jerking you around for loan modification approval or wrongful foreclosure. Fight back.

You must sue your lender to prove to the court they do not have legal standing as the real party of interest. They are not the true and beneficial holder in due course.

You must present evidence in the form of a securitization audit. With your evidence in hand, you can motion the court to take mandatory judicial notice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling in US Bank v Ibenez.

Tell the judge, that in this ruling, it was decided that there must be a perfection of chain of title and that blank assignments are not acceptable. The securitization audit you are presenting to the court proves no such perfection of chain of title exists. You want the court to dismiss the foreclosure sale (if this is pending) and you want the court to wipeout your mortgage.

You can sue the court ‘pro se’ without an attorney or you can, of course, hire an attorney that ‘gets what’s going on’ (not all do). There are multiple sources of low-cost legal help you can use as explained in my free report. I would also recommend a low-cost coaching resource that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to fight back using the laws and the courts.

This proven and effective resource has been established by a homeowner who was in the same position as you are facing now. He learned how to fight back against his PRETENDER LENDER and won.

He decided to share his knowledge and put together a Foreclosure Defense Coaching Course that walks you through, step-by-step, the legal process I outlined above, along with the forms you need to start the process.

For more information on the coaching program (including a short video on stopping foreclosure) from the author and expert himself click the button below.

CLICK HERE: Foreclosure Defense Coaching Program

P.S. Vince is not a lawyer, he is a homeowner just like you. So he and his course cannot give you legal advise, only legal education.

You are still advised to use an attorney to answer any legal questions and provide legal advice. These legal resources are explained in my free report and listed in the section Tools To Fight Your Lender.

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Tags: utah foreclosure, utah foreclosure dismissed

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One Response to Utah couple fights foreclosure and wins

  1. Terry Howard on 18/10/2011 at 16:43

    This is an eye opener we have been fighting MGC Mortgage or whatever there name is they are not the party of interest in our property’s we have found ourselves in the servicing pools and they now ask us to sign insubornet letters giving them interest they are not only nuts but plain crazy. They have been committing fraud for the past 4 years and when the authories great close they diappear and come back with new name and start all over again….this is nightmare thanks Vince keep up the good work…..

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