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# HowTo Package Your Loan Mod Application Kit
# HowTo Phone Negotiation Tips
# HowTo Complain & Motivate To Get Action
# HowTo Follow Up by Phone, Fax, Mail
# HowTo Use a Qualified Written Request
# HowTo Use a Mortgage Audit As Your Ultimate Weapon
# HowTo Fight Rejection Tactics
# HowTo Stop a Foreclosure Sale In 1-Day
# HowTo Remove Bad Credit & Raise Your FICO Score
# HowTo Eliminate All Your Debt

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Home Loan Modification Help for Struggling Homeowners

Welcome to Loan Modification Homeowner Resources.Org
for home loan modification help

We look forward to helping homeowners, who are struggling to keep their homes, fight for your loan modification despite any roadblocks the banks and loan servicers throw at you.

# Loan Modification Workbook by loan modification expert, Mike Rockwood (Use for HAMP and non-HAMP loan modification packages)
# Short Sale Workbook
# The Stop Foreclosure Workbook Your ultimate backup plan – Learn how to stop foreclosure in less than a day using a little-known government program

Click here now to learn more about these homeowner and loan modification tools

Combat the stall tactics banks/servicers are using and learn how to cut to the front of the line of other applications for faster approval.

This section on the HAMP government loan modification program will provide you with all the crucial resources and government links to learn more about the federal loan modification program to determine how to qualify and how to apply:

# Making Home Affordable Program

# Home Affordable Refinance Program

# Loan Modification Evaluator

# Payment Reduction Estimator

# Find a HUD-Approved Housing Counselor

# FannieMae Loan Lookup

# and much more

Q&As: Q&As will be posted dealing with challenges homeowners are currently facing with the banks/servicers. The most popular questions and answers will be posted FAQ section on loan modifications. NEWS: Provide up-to-the-minute news on loan modification trends by banks/servicers and the government. Newsworthy videos are included as they become available.
RESOURCES: Provide home loan modification resources including bank/servicer contact information, government program information and related resources. SCAM ALERTS: Alert you to loan modification scams, current laws enacted and other tools to stop unlawful and unscrupulous loan modification companies and attorneys
# Get Out of Debt Workbook
Seasoned debt expert shares several little-known but highly effective techniques guaranteed to get you out of debt fast – no matter how much you currently owe.
# Legally Restore Your Credit
Mortgage lates are a big blemish on your credit report. Once you resolve your mortgage situation, you can legally remove those mortgage lates and all derogatory credit from your report without having to hire an expensive attorney or credit repair service.
SELECT BANK & LOAN SERVICERS: Get contact information and the scoop on what you can expect with the loan modification process with select banks/services:

# Bank of America
# Chase Bank
# CitiMortgage
# IndyMac
# Litton Loan Servicing
# Saxon Mortgage
# Wells Fargo

Many homeowners have come to realize that it is a “no holds barred” street fight to keep their homes

Banks and loan servicers are overwhelmed with applications…

For example, the loan modification department at Chase, that’s WaMu Chase gets 100,000 faxes every day. Can you believe that? They get 40,000 applications each week. They currently have 155,000 in the queue waiting for resolution. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? The enormity–this is one bank.

In addition, a nasty little secret banks/servicers don’t want you to know about is that many of them would really prefer to foreclosure on your home than do a home loan modification because the profits are bigger for them as revealed by the head of JP Morgan Chase Bank.

We firmly believe that you, the homeowner, are your best advocate to fight to keep your home – not loan modification companies or attorneys.

You can deal directly with the bank/servicer to modify your loan with good preparation, the right tools and a street-fighter’s to-the-death determination.

Failure is not an option. If it makes financial sense to keep your home, you can fight and win. We’ll show you how.

This is a newer site, but vital information will be added at a rapid pace.


Gail Simmons

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